søndag 25. februar 2018

Transparent envelope

I send a lot of snail mail. There's something special about writing long letters and sending them off in fancy envelopes to make the recipient happy! I try to come up with new ideas for how to do this in a fun way.

This time I made a transparent envelope from tracing paper. I cut it to the size I wanted and used my Martha Stewart scoring board, which has envelope directions on the backside. 

This was a bit of an experiment. Tracing paper is quite smooth, so I used pigment ink for stamping and let it dry for 24 hours. Still it wasn't completely dry. Next time I'll use embossing powder to avoid any risk of smudging, even though the heat might warp the paper a bit. 

I used strong double sided crafting tape to keep the flaps together.

The letter itself is written on good quality letter writing paper. I folded the letter and tied a green piece of ribbon around it. This gives it a more exclusive look as it shows through the envelope. Quite cool! For decoration I used a couple of fun snail mail stamps, but I tried to keep it simple, not to take too much focus away from the letter itself. And of course some wash tape for an elegant finish. 

Stamps: Inline Letters - Mama Elephant, snail mail stamps - Catslife Press 

Have a nice day!
Lillian :)

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